We are a company in the metal industry. The main field of activity is the production of metal fittings for upholstered furniture.



Metal Plant HOFFMANN os. Cechowe 46 64-840 Budzyń


Double crank press. Application for sheet metal forming, for punching, bending, kneading and forming operations.

One-measure and multi-measure punching.


Excellent formability due to high performance servo motor and high rigidity frame.

Very high production capacity due to excellent repetition characteristics.

High construction safety thanks to electric overload protection

ERH 250 eccentric press

Max. built-in height * mm 370 400 450 630


The C400TM lathe is a typical small, handy Bulgarian universal machine. All the most standard feeds, threads and spindle turns can be achieved using Norton gears (no need to change the wheels on the guitar case).

Good ergonomics of the user's work is ensured by quick and easy control of the levers.


The BP05d electroerosion cutter (4-axis) is used to cut elements of complex shapes in electrically conductive materials with the help of a wire electrode. Cutting takes place along a pre-programmed path in the vicinity of deionized water supplied by spraying. The cutting trajectory is determined with the use of MegaCAD (CAD software), equipped with a special extension (BP-CAM) enabling the contour to be converted from a graphic form to a text file, and then sent to the machine.


The Super High Speed Haas Vertical Machining Center provides a fast spindle, smooth movements, and fast and efficient tool changes. This reduces cycle times and increases production efficiency.

Each SS machine has a direct drive 12,000rpm inline spindle, ultra-fast side mount, tool changer, and ultra-agile and fast movements on all axes.


Machines and devices

Our machine park for machining

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